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SENSe has been successfully conducted by trained occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Therapists need to be specifically trained in the SENSe training program. A manual and training materials have been developed to help therapists deliver SENSe Therapy. An overview of the manual is provided below.

A Manual for Therapists

A SENSe clinical training package is available for therapists, it comprises the SENSe Training Manual and DVD. It takes the learner through a step–by–step process of how to apply the SENSe training principles to help your client rediscover the sense of touch and use this in everyday activities of meaning to them. It is designed to be interactive. This manual and DVD may be ordered via the Equipment and Resources page on this website.

The manual includes:

  • Overview of Sense Principles
  • Texture discrimination training
  • Limb position sense training
  • Tactile object recognition training
  • Occupation based sensory training
  • Planning a treatment program
  • Examples of application to everyday tasks

For each of the training modules therapists are guided through the application of the SENSe principles to the specific modality trained. There are specially designed training forms to record the client’s progress through therapy.

For further information about how to learn the SENSe program, or how to purchase these resources, you can refer to the section of this website titled Sense Resources For other enquires about treatment, please refer to the Contact Us section of website.