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SENSe: Helping stroke survivors regain a sense of touch – Manual and DVD

A manual and DVD have been developed to support therapists in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the SENSe approach. The aim of SENSe: Helping stroke survivors regain a sense of touch is to guide therapists in acquiring the skills and knowledge required to conduct effective sensory training with persons who have impaired body sensations after a stroke. It is recommended that therapists also engage in a SENSe workshop or the SENSe Implement project.

The 200-page Manual for therapists and accompanying video material (1 hr, 42 minutes) includes:

  • the principles of SENSe training;
  • step by step instruction on how to deliver SENSe therapy;
  • training modules for component training of texture discrimination, limb position sense, and tactile object recognition;
  • occupation-based SENSe training
  • case scenarios of how to apply SENSe therapy and guided experiences to pause and practice
  • tips and troubleshooting
  • planning a treatment program
  • further examples of application to everyday tasks
  • references and further reading
  • full set of SENSe training forms for use with clients.

The DVD demonstrates and complements the SENSe training approach described in the manual.

The manual and video materials are also available in electronic form.

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SENSe Manual and DVD (electronic version)

The SENSe therapist training package includes the electronic version of the SENSe manual for therapists and the electronic version of the video DVD.

Once you have completed the payment, a password-protected link will be emailed to you to access the electronic version of the manual and DVD.

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