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A list of publications from our team that may be of interest to you can be found here.

A summary of references for evidence-based somatosensory rehabilitation may be found here.

A book on neuroscience-based approaches to rehabilitation, edited by Prof Leeanne M. Carey:

Reference: Carey, LM (editor) (2012) Stroke Rehabilitation: Insights from Neuroscience and Imaging. Oxford University Press.

Link to book:

Engagement and Impact:

  • The SENSe program of work is featured as an exemplar case study on the Australian Research Council’s Engagement and Impact Data Portal. See
  • Over 30 national/ international keynote and invited presentations on this topic at Conferences
  • Three podcasts presented by the National Stroke Foundation on neuroplasticity, sensory loss, and pain
  • Stroke survivor’s experiences of Sense include: harnessing positivity in the therapeutic relationship and specialised therapy; distinct awareness of gains and differences in bodily sensations; improved control and choice in daily performance