SENSe (Study of the Effectiveness of Neurorehabilitation on Sensation)

The SENSe program is designed to help stroke survivors regain a sense of touch and use this information in everyday activities.

It’s easy to take some daily tasks for granted, like communicating through a handshake, being able to sense the position of your arm in space so as to avoid danger, holding objects without crushing or dropping them, or returning to family and work roles, but for one in 2 people who have suffered a stroke they may be unable to know where their limbs are, or to sense pain, temperature or touch and so they often have difficulty with these tasks even years after a stroke.

The SENSe rehabilitation program is based on knowledge of how the brain recovers after stroke. The brain is plastic. With specialised rehabilitation a person can learn new skills and recover even months and years after their stroke. Armed with these skills they can then continue to drive their own recovery in the everyday tasks that matter to them!

SENSe Therapy is supported by high-level evidence of effectiveness, is recommended in the NHMRC-endorsed national clinical guidelines and, is reported as ‘life-changing’ by stroke survivors. It is also supported by a suite of quantitative, evidence-based assessment and therapy tools, clinical training protocols with multimodal, online training, and a community of therapists.

I invite you to explore this site and the potential it presents to achieve more optimal outcomes for you, your loved one, or your clients.

Leeanne Carey

"Since undertaking sensory retraining, all tasks using my stroke affected hand are easier and require less concentration. Obviously my brain is making very good sense of a lot of information as I am quite competently performing many tasks – and more than I thought I ever could."


SENSe: a new therapy to drive neural plasticity

Sense therapy provides new hope for the one-in-two people with stroke who experience sensory loss: to regain a sense of touch and use their hand again.

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Invitation to participate

We are recruiting people with stroke who would like to participate in a therapy program that focuses on touch sensation and use of the hand.

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SENSe: Moving Evidence to Practice

Our partnership of clinicians, health providers, consumers, researchers and academics aims to increase access to science-based stroke rehabilitation...

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SENSe Integrated Assessment and Training Unit

The Sense© Integrated Assessment and Training Unit comprises all equipment necessary for implementation of both SENSe assessment and training.

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